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National membership is required prior to applying to the Keystone Region.
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NEW SDC Keystone Region Membership Online Application

To become a Keystone Region Chapter Member, you must first belong to the National Studebaker Driver's Club. If you do not yet belong to National or you need to renew that membership, click here to do so online. You will need your current National Membership number in order to submit your Keystone Chapter application.

IF YOU HAVE YOUR NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP NUMBER, you are ready to proceed below:

Keystone Region Chapter, Inc. Membership Application

Studebaker ownership is not required, just an appreciation for the marque. To join Keystone Region Chapter, Inc. and receive 6 issues of our award-winning newsletter Keystone Keynotes, please complete and submit the form below in its entirety.

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The information above will be send to our Membership Coordinator when you click "submit." You will be directed to the Membership Payment page to complete your transaction via major credit card or PayPal account.

* If we do not receive your National Membership number with your membership submission, we will not process your request. We are required to have that number prior to accepting members. Thank you.